Walking together and watching over one another

Beloved Other has just had a phone call to ask if he is in the country. (He is…..sometimes he’s not, but this weekend, we get to spend together!)

It turns out somebody in another country is trying to use his credit card. The alertness of the card company means that the questionable transactions were blocked, and all is well. Just marginally annoying, since he now has to renew this card. But no real harm done.

The alertness of the company has got me thinking. They noticed a change in his behaviour (as it turned out, not his behaviour) and go in touch to check up.

The early Baptists had a commitment to supporting each others’  discipleship. Yes, there were times when it got intrusive, judgemental, condemnatory…but there are also times when it is clear that people benefitted from somebody saying “is everything all right – you don’t seem to be yourself”.

It stopped Beloved Other from being defrauded of quite a lot of money.

I wonder if we are missing something…..


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