Little Things

Today, I have been assembling material for the shop in the seaside scene I am building in 1/24 size (that is, 1/2 inch to 1 foot) The 20p is to give scale….

It has a lot of stuff still to do; I am hoping to get some posters for the walls, and am about (when I have saved enough) to buy a set of shelves to fit in as a corner unit and and to go on the back wall; and then I hope to make up some papers and books to go on one of them, and some more towels and soft stuff to go on the other. The small counter currently has a couple of towel bales (which need to be tied) and the large counter has various food stuff – which I bought; I can’t make things that small in clay. (Actually, I can’t make anything in clay!)

The photos are almost as bad as my clay modelling, but I hope you can see it! But even if you can’t, I hope you can sense my smiling. I have had so much fu….


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