So, on Thursday I spent the evening meeting managing the sound system in the Workplace, so that the people who were speakign could be heard. This was not planned, but emerged very quickly as the meeting started, when it became clear that it needed to be done.

And yesterday afternoon, I helped (in a very minor capacity) by running CDs at the right time to go with music being played in an amazing recital, so that some animations were shown alongside the pieces. And also organised and managed the microphones for the various introductions.

I wasn’t taught any of this at Vicar School.

I have spent a great deal of time saying I can’t do the tech stuff.

In fact, I would still say it. As I have thought through what I have been doing, I reflect that I can do what I do because somebody has shown me; once taught, I can do it (thanks as always to Patient Colleague for being one of the main instructors – and thereby demonstrating his patience! – and also to Trainee Treasurer, who sorts things for me). What I can’t do is work out things from first principles, or by intuitive understanding.

Reflecting on this, makes me realise it’s not that I can’t do this stuff; it is that I am afraid of getting it wrong, and am therefore happy to do it once somebody gives me the rules.

In terms of tech stuff, that seems fair enough – when I get it wrong with tech, I could break stuff, or make others’ lives more complicated than they need to be. But I am not sure it is a model for the whole of life – and I suspect there are places where I use this approach inappropriately. (Don’t try to read that phrase too quickly; tongue-twister alert!) Goodness me, this discerning and wisdom stuff is hard work 🙂


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