Marathon Sunday

I nearly (nearly!!) have an essay. I am deeply grateful that Patient Colleague has offered to read it in order to ensure it makes sense. The last one didn’t – or at least, didn’t make enough sense. I weouldn’t have given it the mark it got, on the basis of poor style, repetition and unclear argument.

I am grateful for the mercy shown.

And I want to do better this time.

In conversation yesterday, Fun Friend commented that she couldn’t understand why people ran the marathon. Wholeheartedly, I agreed. I am so admiring of those who do such, and wondering of their commitment, capacity and energy. I expressed this.

“But you’re doing a marathon of the mind with that there MA”, she responded.

I can see how it might look like that; but really, it’s not. It doesn’t take anything like the level of commitment, training or determination.

But just for a moment, I gained a glimpse into the kind of world in which people run marathons – and I am even more admiring and wondering.

People are amazing….


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