O brave new world…

My time off – and very nice it is too! Among the things I do, is watch very silly telly – silly in the sense that it is not demanding, emotionally charged or intense, not that it is bad. I watch The Big Bang Theory, The Avengers (the original series, which are being repeated), Robot Wars and various quiz shows.

I like them because some of them are familiar – i have watched long enough to be seeing the same ones coming around again. I like them because they do not, on the whole engage my emotions at a demanding level – and because they are good. And they all show people doing things they are good at. I think the standard of writing for Big Bang Theory is terrific, The Avengers is so delightfully surreal, Robot Wars shows people who are so skillful at engineering and at driving and thinking tactically, and quizzes are full of clever people.

I love watching folk do stuff they are good at. it is nourishing, encouraging, and just fun.

I sometimes refer to this was watching trash – but it really isn’t. It is watching skillful people do what they do well.

As today, I read tributes to Victoria Wood and Prince, I am reminded just how full the world is of people who have all sorts of talent, skill, gift and energy – and the willingness to share it.

It makes the world a wondrous place, and I am grateful; to quote Miranda in The Tempest;

“O wonder, how many goodly creatures are there here. How beauteous mankind is. O brave new world, that has such people in’t”


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