Inadvertent deletion

I wrote 2000 words of a 4000 word essay today. Then I thought the one of the sentences wasn’t very good. So I highlighted it and pressed delete.

You can see where this is going….

Sadly, since my computer is needing some serious tender loving care, the cursor did not stay where it should be. And I deleted all but the first paragraph.


As a Gone But Not Forgotten Member often said “various engineering imprecations” (He was an engineer…)

I have now, not exactly rewritten, but written another 2000 words, and I think they might be better than the originals. The focus is clearer, since in writing the first 2000, I had worked out some of the ideas that will be central to the essay.

As I used to tell research students, just because you cut it out, doesn’t mean it’s wasted; you are in a different place simply by having written it.

I used to say it, so I guess I believe it.

Still feel stupid though….




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