A surprise

You know that moment when what you thought you were going to do turns out not to be what you are doing, and what you are doing is soooo much more than you expected?


It being the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death this month, there are all sorts of things being displayed. Today, Beloved Other and I went to the Guildhall to see the Vischer map of London, which was published the year the Big Man died – and a picture of London that has been recreated from the same spot, and which is wonderfully detailed, funny and fascinating.

Having got to the Guildhall, we discovered that this is a picture gallery. With wonderful pictures. Beautifully displayed. So, as well as seeing the two pictures we went to see, we saw some lovely other pictures.

And then we discovered that the whole building is on top of a Roman Amphitheatre.

For goodness sake – a Roman Amphitheatre in the middle of London, into which (or at least into the ruins of which) we can walk. Through the foundation of the tunnel through which the gladiators walked. And past, indeed over, wooden drainpipes.


As you may gather, this was amazing!

I am thinking I should be thinking about those moments of unexpected gift, the delight of discovering much more than was expected, to say nothing of the impact of the Roman remains… instead, I am just revelling in the fact that I saw what I saw! And I loved it. And I can go back….so what I am, is grateful.


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