Being silent(ish).

I seem to have been uninentionally quiet recently; both here, and on other social media outlets. It’s not that I’ve not been there – I’ve been reading and even offered some interaction. I just haven’t got round to saying anything!

Which is just not natural. I usually have something to say, even if it is inane.

I am choosing to regard my quietness as a sign of comfort and even maturity – that is, all is well enough, and I have nothing to say, and therefore no need to say it.

I sit through some meetings in which I am convinced that there are folk speaking simply to prove they are there – indeed, there have been times when I have done that myself (especially on phone meetings, when nobody can see my enthusiastic “looking interested face”, and so I hear myself making comments that don’t need to be made, except to prove I am still on the end of the phone.)

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking to demonstrate one’s presence – otherwise, we wouldn’t really have much contact. And I do miss hearing from those who often speak, but then choose to be silent; that can be quite unnerving.

But it is also rather nice not to be feeling under the (internal) need to speak in order to prove I exist! And it does have some connection with my sense of a “quiet resurrection”

Though now I have broken the silence two days in a row, expect more witterings in the next few days…


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