Maundy Thursday Maunderings

For some reason, all my websites that I visit regularly and have a password for – this, my email and my various (yes, there are several!) twitter accounts – have had their “keep me logged in” status removed. So I have had to log back on. All fine except for one where I couldn’t remember the password. 😦

It’s all sorted now and passwords are duly logged and recorded (now all I have to do is not lose them…)

But, on Maundy Thursday, it sets me wondering about being in and being out – knowing the way in, and being trapped not able to get in….

I am speaking about Judas tonight; this was chosen, and indeed written, before I knew there is a programme tomorrow about him. I may find I regret what I say later… But it stikes me that Judas, finding hismelf on the outside after That Kiss, didn’t know the way to get back in; he had lost the password.

I wonder what we would tell him it was?

Please? Sorry? Help? Yes?…..




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