An irreverent thought

Today, Holy Week starts. What with various meetings coming up and the need to get several things written, and the extra events precisely because it is Holy Week, it promises to be a busy time.

I confess to an irreverent thought this morning, as I set out for what was looking like  long day. My first thought was that if I could just get through this week, it would be fine, because next week, Beloved Other has arranged for us to go on holiday. So I just need to do what needs to be done, and then I can relax.

And then my irreverent thought.

I wonder if, as he set out on that donkey parade, Jesus also thought “I just have this week to get through…..”

I kind of hope he did.

It is hard to hold on to the doctrine of the full humanity of Christ, and especially so in Holy Week, when it all gets so intense and caught up in the bigger divine story. Just imagining Jesus being tired and rather anxious, and wanting it to be over helps me, at least, to hold on to the truth of incarnation as truly being about full humanity.

My week will be fine…..


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