Well, that was a surprise…

She phoned during the service this morning; apparently, they had been planning to take chicken and chips to sell at the market later today. The chicken was half cooked the chips frozen. And now the cook had let them down, and they couldn’t get to the market, so could we use the food?

Well, no, not really, not half-cooked and almost defrosted.

But it turns out that she was really insistent, and simply wouldn’t take no for an answer. Not even our resident bull-dog could deal with her.  And so she turned up as we were all having coffee, bringing with her five large boxes of chicken and chips….

Beloved Other spent most of lunch time trying to find somebody who could use it before it got to the point where it needed to be thrown away, contacting various soup kitchens and such like that we know of.

And even he couldn’t manage it.

So now, we have to bag up and dispose of a LOT of half-cooked chicken and soggy potato.

And store the boxes till they can come and pick them up.

I’m trying to work out what insight I can glean from this, what moment of revelation will emerge as I reflect on it, what new learning I can develop.

At the moment, I am failing.

Any thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Well, that was a surprise…

  1. That is an intriguing scenario. Perhaps the woman was insistent that you took the food, because she couldn’t bring herself to throw the food away. So giving it to a third party alleviated that problem for her; even if deep down she wondered if you would just throw it away in the end. At times people bring ‘things’ to churches/ministers because they don’t know what to do with it, and end up wanting us to do what they just can’t seem to do. Although we may want to try and give the issue back to them some people seem so insistent that we deal with it. That ‘thing’ is firmly in our hands that we’ve got to deal with it. Well it’s a thought anyway…

  2. I wonder if it is the difficult lesson of learning to say “no” to people when we really are unable to help them in the way they want. Sometimes, saying yes means the transfer of a problem from one person to us.

  3. What very wise people read this blog! I think the whole thing about how people deal with what they don;t want to have to deal with, and the palce of churches and minsiters in that is something I am going to think about further. Thank you all!!

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