In which we hear of plans failing…

Today did not go to plan.

Nothing new there then. But today, it was not so much fun as it can sometimes be. The train from There to Here was very busy and noisy, with people travelling to see a Significant Rugby Game. I then went to Seat of Learning, to read before class on Monday, but the books I wanted were not available.When I made it to Seat of Working, it was to discover that my computer was not behaving, and indeed, had gone on strike. It was eventually persuaded to awaken, but would  by no means talk to anybody else, and so my ability to stay in touch with the Significant Rugby Game was severely compromised.

I should not have been able to hear it anyway, since I had an appointment – but sadly, the person who was coming did not come. We have been able to rearrange, but nonetheless, it disrupted the day….

Sometimes, days just don’t go to plan.

And it doesn’t matter. Not really….


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