A lesson from Little Things

I’ve spent a lot of time on Little Things today. There’s no photos, because I didn’t actually finish anything, just did a little bit more on a variety of bits of the project; I’ve painted window frames, read and understood patterns for a future project, glued in a door, cut out dominoes, and knitted a quarter of the back of a dressing gown.

It’s been great fun, and yet I reach the end of the day with not a lot to show.

But it will all come together, and there will be things to see (and even photograph and bore people with)

Just not yet.

It’s a bit like quite a lot of my life, I realise; lots to do, but at the end of any particular day, not a lot to see.

There are times when I find it very frustrating. But the delight in the Little Things today and the fact that I know it will lead to even greater delight reminds me that any one day is not to be judged – I need to take a longer view.

Which is easy to say…..


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