Moments to treasure

Today, I had one of those moments you don’t expect “Ruth – Eminent Person is the foyer and wants to speak to you” – and so I spoke with him.

And it mattered, and I was glad to do it, and I am grateful I was free.

But the moment I treasure came as a result of that conversation – when the person whom I already had an appointment with, and was now late for, said, as I apologised “No, that’s fine – it was nice to have a moment to catch my breath”; the gracousness, the realism of her own recognition of her need in that moment, and her willingness to trust that it would all be ok lit up my day.

And what is most delightful, she won’t even have noticed that was what happened.

The other moment is an email – yesterday, somebody emailed to say thank you for the semon on Sunday, which was lovely becaue I had been unsure about it, and nobody else really said anything. But the delight came today. I had emailed back to say thank you, and received the response “It was a delight to be in church, when I saw so many who, in so many other places are excluded”

We get such a lot wrong – I treasure this moment of recognition of when it was right.

And taking the time to notice these, and write them down has deepened the day; itself, a moment to treasure!


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