I have a very full head! I got to spend some time this morning in the British Library, reading for Monday morning’s class, so I now know something about the play Two Noble Kinsmen – a play I have found surprisingly disturbing; and then this afternoon, more reading and writing to prepare for various speaking engagements.

It is always exciting to deal in ideas. In particular, I was delighted to read something that helped to put the disturbing play into a context that at least gives me a different way to think about it – still disturbing, but at least I now have a way to think about it. I was also delighted to read material that helped me to understand the texts I have been invited to preach on, in ways that I hope will allow me to find something that will offer life and hope when I start to what I need to say.

In the “counting your blessings” department, that people write things, and that that helps the world make sense – for this I am grateful!



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