There is auditioning for large London musical (with a French theme!) going on in the room over the corridor from my study. This morning, it was male chorus – at least, I assume so, since it was a lot of men singing together. And then for male soloists – again, based on my observation. This afternoon, it has been the women. Not sure if there was a chorus audition, since I was out the study for part of the day – but it appears to be soloists now.

There is nowhere for the candidates to wait except the corridor, or the sanctuary – which since it is four floors down, seems to far. So they are warming up, anxiously pacing, reading phones and having whispered conversations in the corridor. Outside my study.

I feel for them, really I do. The anxiety is palpable. The voice-warming exercises are – interesting. Especially from the person who discovered the acoustic properties of the stairwell. The corridor is narrow. Every time I go in and out the study, I have to squeeze past, step over and generally manoeuvre my way through the group. And I find I just want to say to them “it’s going to be fine. Don’t worry.”

Of course, I have absolutely no warrant to say such a thing. For some of them, it won’t be alright; they won’t get the part. For some, it may be alright because they get it – but then they may be unhappy doing it. I know nothing, and neither do they. All we have is what they (and I) are dealing with right here, right now…. And right here, right now, it’s ok.

Which ought to help me manage my anxiety.

Not sure it does, though… 🙂

Not sure



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