First Sunday in Lent

Always a tricky one – especially this close to Christmas. As Patient Colleague pointed out in the sermon this morning – “Jesus is only just born, and we are already on the way to his death – goodness life is short.” And then went on to preach a stormning sermon about life in the face of eternity.

Rather like new year’s resolutions, I get to today and realise that already, the highly concentrated and deeply focussed Lent I had intended has got lost.

And maybe that’s the point. Maybe, as has just been pointed out by Careful Thinker in our first Lent discussion event “but all this stuff is just what living as a Christian is supposed to be”.

Maybe, Lent is less about doing the special stuff and more about remembering what the everyday stuff is supposed to be, and being a bit more inntentional about it.

Well, that seems worth exploring…



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