What’s the link between preaching and chocolate?

What is it about preaching and chocolate?


After a morning service, I have a full three course lunch, served by our wonderful volunteers. And I want chocolate.

And during a Sunday afternoon, I do sometimes eat biscuits and even crisps.

But I want chocolate.

And the there’s evening service, which includes, and indeed starts with a shared buffet tea. And I eat sandwiches, and fruit, and sometimes even have a cake.

And long for chocolate.

Then, eventually, I am at home and switching off – and I eat chocolate!

Now, I know I have a reputation for being a bit of a chocoholic. But in fact I am not. I like chocolate, and enjoy having some around. But I can go for several days without eating any.

But after I preach…..there is nothing else I really want.

Is it just me……?


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