In which we learn we are not indispensable…

It’s not been a quiet week here in Lake Coughalot…I have been suffering with a chest infection, and making sure that everybody around me has been suffering too. So, in order to keep the suffering to a minimum, I have been signed off and trying to stay away from people.

Today, there is an organ day at church – an event in which I have been involved over the years as tech support.

Yes – really!

And as anybody who knows me at all will guess, that has not always gone well. I am not in the centre of my comfort zone when trying to deal with technical stuff. And the person who was really in charge and whom I assisted, died during the year. It was not looking good.

Of course, it was looking a great deal worse when it became clear that I was not going to be able to cope with the run through that had been planned for earlier in the week. I simply had to say I could not be there, and step back and leave people to get on with it.

So I arrived in today feeling very guilty and not a little anxious; was it going to be ok?

Surprise, surprise – it’s all perfectly fine, and all sorts of people, new and experienced, are involved, and enjoying themselves (as far as I can tell).

Which leaves me asking – who else am I stopping from discovering means of being involved because I won’t get out of the way?

Until I am stopped by a body that is not so much treacherous as wiser than I am.


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