New experiences…

I made use of the Christmas present Beloved Other gave me today; today I went to a spa. With an outdoor swimming pool, it needs to be said.

And yes, I did go into it. Though not for as long as many others- my excuse is that I haven’t swum for quite a while, and didn’t want to tire myself out.

Truth is, it was very cold. And sitting in the cafe, drinking spicy hot chocolate and reading my novel was actually more attractive.

But I managed to make use of the steam  room and the sauna, and to have various massages.Which were delightful.

About fifteen years ago, I had my first massage. The very lovely lady who did it worked for about an hour and said, as she finished, “well, it took you about 55 minutes to let go and allow me to do the work, but we got there.”

She was  very right; I didn’t find it easy to be touched then – and to be honest, without due warning, it’s still not easy.

But, thanks among other people, to my wonderful chiropracter, I can now relax into a massage much more quickly.

And it was wonderful today.

Though the lovely lady who worked on my back and shoulders did say “Oh you are needing this”.

So, I am going to finish this and go to bed, and complete the good work she did.

Deeply grateful to Beloved Other for an imaginative and accurate gift, to those who  have taught me to appreciate touch, and to today’s masseuse.


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