Two years on

WordPress delighted in informing me yesterday that it was the second anniversary of starting this blog. I didn’t know that – but what intrigues me is that the conditions that finally pushed me into doing something I had been thinking about and running away from for a while are exactly reproduced this year.

Although I am delighted that I have managed to start – and to sustain – the blog (and even redesign it) I am very glad to say that I am coping better with this particular set of circumstances than I did two years ago.

Which means I won’t be doing anything rash – which is just as well. What with work, the degree, making Little Things, and having time at the theatre, there’s probably no time.

And that’s lovely. There is still plenty of room in my life to learn to think – and still plenty of areas in which I need to do it. I am very grateful to all those who help me. And I am happy that right now, right here, I am happy.


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