Nothing significant to say….

I want to say something significant about the death of David Bowie, but  don’t think I can.

I grew up listening to, and loving, his music. Listening to a non-chronological collection of his greatest hits, I was fascinated at the way in which moments I have not thought of were not just evoked gently in my memory, but were, sometimes, viscerally present, as I was deeply connected to various events and experiences in my teens (and before) and after. I hadn’t realised how much his music had formed a backdrop to my life.

It has prompted me to think about the way in which music that is just “there” becomes part of us, and connects us to parts of our own story. Nothing new or original here – but intriguing to be reminded of it quite so forcefully.

There is something here about hymns and the other music we use in worship.

And I will think about that another time. At the moment, I am travelling with Major Tom, catching up with Ziggy Stardust, and reconnecting with Sound and Vision….


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