What is it with glue?

I am trying to make something for somebody – not difficult (I don’t do difficult making things), but needing gluing together.

And there is lot of glue here – all sorts of people who use this building also use glue, and so there is quite a lot of it around.

But can I find it?

And once I find it, does it work?

Both of these, as I learned in Latin, are “questions expecting the answer no” – or if not expecting, at least getting.

I have no idea why, among all the versions of glue that I have managed to track down today, none of them work.

But I have ended up going out and buying a new glue supply.

Which is irritating.

But for which I am deeply thankful – I am able to go out and buy the glue I need, to make what is in effect a very silly present, but one that matters a lot to me.

All without any problem or difficulty.

Cue blessing-counting!

Much healthier than being irritated 🙂



2 thoughts on “Glue…

  1. Oh dear, you need to understand the 5Cs or 5Ss of modern manufacturing (arguably from Japanese roots). The first C or S is for clearing out (Seiri). Removing all those blind alley glues that you know will be never be of any use. By the third, Clean and Check (Seiso) you will only have the right one. At the end with the last one, Custom and Practice or Shitsuke, you will be so efficient you will be making hundreds of these presents. Perhaps deep down that is not what you want, so there is still some purpose in all those left over dregs of glue… I wonder.

  2. Ah Keith – how well you know me; I would happily make many presents. But efficiency? Not my strong suit! Half the fun comes from the muddling through. Only half the fun tho…. As Patient Colleague says- the rest of the fight with the ingredients leaves me glue-my…. 🙂

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