Here we go….

Tonight is the Carol Celebration; always a big event, and as I type this, the choir is rehearsing with great vigour and tunefulness next door.

Which means we are at that moment when nerves (well, mine at least) begin to get a liottle frayed. I know it will go well – it always does, and the people who are leading us are skilled, dedicated and creative. But it is out of my control, and yet I feel responsible. And it could all go wrong, and that would (clearly!) be my fault.

It won’t – and it wouldn’t be.

But still I am on edge.

And this is just the first of such events over the next 10 days or so….services, meetings, meals, gatherings…

An advent moment; it’s going to happen, like it or not – and I have no control over it.

Not just advent – most of life!




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