On not shouting at cyclists in advent

London has seen has seen a great increase in the number of people cycling in recent years. A good thing, on the whole. But sometimes cyclists don’t live by the same rules as the rest of us – jumping lights, riding on the pavement, cutting corners.

Beloved Other and I were walking and heard a cyclist on the pavement behind us. And, having a bit of a middle-aged grumpy moment we turned round to say something.

And saw looking at us with a smile, Best Man – whom we have not seen for years.

A quick catch up, since the reason he was cycling on our route at that time in the morning and so had seen us was that his train had been 45 minutes late, so no real time to hang around.

But it has been making me smile all day. And who knows; it may lead to further conversations, to the renewing of a friendship that has been life-giving in the past…and who knows what?

All day, this has made me smile – and be relieved we didn’t shout at the cyclist. Indeed, it may make me more reflective before I say such things in the future.

And for advent; somebody may be arriving whom I didn’t expect…..


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