Judgement and joy

That moment when you face something you are dreading, and it turns out ok – I’ve had one of those today. And deeply grateful I am for it. I had been worrying for a few days, and working very hard at not letting it dominate my approach to other things, and I was better at that than I have been in too much of my life. It was a judgement moment, an carried with it the possibility of an ending.

And look – it was ok, and the world is fine, and actually rather better than it was.

Which as an advent reflection is reassuring. I usually avoid the Four Last Things aspect of Advent; too hard, by which I fear actually mean too challenging.

But what if, like my dread of today’s moment, the judgement that seems so threatening is, since it is given in Pure Love, is actually life-giving and renewing.

Advent joy.


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