“It’s a busy time for you isn’t it….”

It is that odd time of Advent; it feels busy, but there are lulls, moments when there is nothing to do. Patient Colleague described it in staff meeting this morning, as “we have had to make a long to-do list, and now we are just working through  it task by task.” And that’s about it.… Continue reading “It’s a busy time for you isn’t it….”

Herod and Little Gidding

Today, we spent time with Herod. Not a comfortable Advent theme – but then, Advent is not about comfort. As usual, Patient Colleague preached extremly well, giving us ways of considering what it  might look like to “take another way”. As one who is chronically lost, I feel some expertise in “taking another way”; indeed,… Continue reading Herod and Little Gidding