A lift, and the theology thereof…

The lift has been out of order recently. Apparently the door motor is not working. We are waiting for a part (a part arrived – the wrong part!)

This is proving a deeply frustrating experience. Especially today when costumes for the group who are rehearsing on the top floor arrived. And needed to be transported. And indeed, were transported, thanks to the good offices, skill and capacity to do things of Patient Colleague.

It is not just the life – various other bits and pieces of the building are showing signs of age and wear (and I know just how it feels; my study is on the top floor, and my knees hurt!)

The flip answer too often is “we shouldn’t be tied to the building”, and “the early churches didn’t have buildings” and all sorts of other things that I can cheerfully say.

But that don’t help.

The fact is we have a building, and need to deal with it.

So, today’s Advent thought is “working with the world as it is”

Advent is the time for waiting, and waiting is powerless. And part of powerlessness is living with the reality of the giveness of things. Not that they can’t be changed, improved, made to function better (especially if the right part is delivered!). But there is also an intractability in the world.

Perhaps seeking Advent wisdom is learning to discern how to react.

And this – which is one of the funniest things I know; http://synapses.co.za/report-on-resistentialism/

Does anybody else still read Pual Jennings?




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