What is actually being said?

There were two sentences. I only responded to one – the other one seemed to me to be self-evidently clear. I thought I understood what was being said.

Turned out, I chose the wrong one.

It wasn’t a big deal.

When I apologised that I had missed the meaning, I was told not to worry, there was not need to apologise.

Which was gentle, and reassuring. This is a friendship I do not want to damage, but within which I am allowed a great deal of latitude.

But I missed the meaning, because I jumped to a conclusion too quickly. And it didn’t matter too much this time. But sometimes it does.

I wear a lot of rings. One of them is split. I think sometimes of getting it mended. But I don’t. One reason is because it represents a time when I got the meaning very badly wrong. It’s sorted now, but the consequences continue. One of the reasons I wear it is a reminder not to jump to the conclusion that I know the meaning.

But sometimes I still do.


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