A quieter time?

October and November were filled with all sorts of things to which I had said “yes” – because they sounded like fun, and were so far ahead when I said yes….. and which turned out to be as much fun as I thought, but to take time in preparation¬† (who knew?) and left me with the feeling of runnning round in small circles just to keep up.

And, in the momentary pauses, I looked forward to today, when all thfo these interesting tasks would be over, and I could settle to quieter time, with spwace to rbethe and get on with my normal stuff.

How did I think that was going to work? What with it being the beginning of advent and all.

And a 4000 word essay to write, I quote, “in the quiet period over Christmas” (to be fair, it is quieter in that there are no classes….!)

Some day, I hope, I will be organised enough to feel like I have some control over what I do and the time it is going to take me, and not get myself into this kind of m,uddle.

On the other hand, I would miss so many delightful encouters, adventures and discoveries, that maybe the way I am doing it actually works….

Anyway, here we go into Advent, and I hope as part of my Advent practice, to do a bit more trying to learn to think.

You have been warned…



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