Clever people who make the world work

Today, I have been dealing with forms! For reasons to do with the sale of a building in another country, I have to have my identity verified in ways that suit the government of that country, and that are not necessarily easy to achieve in this country.

All of this is interesting – but actually, pretty unnerving.

I have been visiting lwayers, meeting different lawyers, having to certify that I have no police prosecutions (a process that involves filling out a VERY long form) and making what feels like innumerable copies of the front page of my passport.

It’s not all done yet, but I think (please God!) I am through the worst of it.

One of the delights has been meeting people who are good at their jobs, and not phased by the stuff that scares me.

As always, it is just so much fun to meet people who do stuff I know nothing about, and discover a whole new world of discourse, interest, skill and amazement – “how do you DO that?” is so often my question.

It doens’t make forms any less scary (nothing can really do that!) But it has made me smile at odd moments as I go through the day.

And believe me, I will grin very widely when I (finally?) send off the forms.


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