More Kitty Theology….

Another lovely day, this time travelling from the Dear Green Place to Auld Reekie, to spend time with Esteemed Sister, Well-informed Brother-in-Law and adored Niecelets. Then back to Pioneering Friend’s hospitality in a quiet and reflective service and much chat afterwards.

Indeed a day of lots of chat; many rememberings, as Niecelets asked questions about Much Missed Mother and we also filled in stories about Departed Grandparents, and compared notes across families (many farm labourers and maids in all the families represented!)

And some time playing with Kitties. Scratchy Cat is much less scratchy, since her nails were clipped (though I did gain a few more battle wounds!) They have been very welcoming, and have made this invader into their home space very welcome in their own particular way. Each morning, when I have left my room, at least one of them is sitting outside – sometimes both. Very close to the door. My room is one of only two in the flat where they are not supposed to be present. I keep my door firmly closed, (under instruction) – and they really really want to see what is in here.

So, as well as the delight of the feline welcome when I stumble forth in the morning, their presence at my door is provoking a few more of these thoughts I can’t quite bring myself to work out, because I’m on holiday, and being lazy.

But that longing for what is forbidden surely reflects something about wanting what I haven’t got, and losing what I have because I spend too much time staring at a closed door, instead of enjoying the whole flat that is open to me, and where all my (well, their) food and toys are freely available….

Or, with a more positive approach; the longing for the unknown, the as yet undiscovered, the beyond – and the willingness to wait for it to reveal itself, rather than limiting expectation to what is already known and trusted, and without trying to force a way into what is not yet ready….

But enough; it is time to stop now, and be grateful for a good, a beautiful and a conversation-filled day.


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