Theology from watching cats play….

Another delightful day; long and chocolatey catch-up with Longstanding Friend, in which, as always in our conversations, I am reminded of her deep wisdom, and how much I value it. Then an afternoon actually having time to have conversation with Pioneering Friend who is hostessing me – and playing with Welcoming Kitties.

The Welcoming Kitties have been an unexpected bonus of this trip, especially as Scratchy Cat has been learning “soft paws” this afternoon, and my knees have certainly been grateful.

One of the fun games they play is chasing a red a light, produced from a little hand held gizmo. The little light can be skittered over the floor, and the Kitties chase it, pounce on it, sneak up on it – and generally seem to have fun.

And it reduces me to giggles every time.

Not sure who is actually having most fun, to be honest.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, a series of thoughts is forming about the way in which people, I, skitter about chasing things that are not real, but that glitter, or shine, that catch my eye, and draw my attention away from whatever it was I was intending to do (be that major this is who I am life stuff, or getting through a list of admin tasks)  There is, in this not quite formed series of thoughts, an idea about how easy it is to be distracted, how much more attractive the pretty shiny things are than the getting on with being really alive stuff is; it’s all in there.

But frankly, shining red lights on the floor so the cats can chase it is much more fun than working on these thoughts.

And I am on holiday….


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