Send my greetings….

Much Travelled Friend posted on facebook today about a trip which involves meeting people I know  but no longer reguarly meet because of changed circumstances. So, it was really nice to be able to say (type!) to Friend, “please take my greetings”

I find I do this a lot. As time has gone on, I have made contact with all sorts of terrific people, and then the contact ceases because the patterns of life change. And yes, there is facebook, and there are letters, cards and so on. But it’s not quite the same, and I am a it lazy about all of that.

I miss people. I miss the informal times of conversation that just arise out of being in the same place at the same time, and having long enough to get used to one another’s company again. I miss just catching up, and being relaxed together.

So, while it is not the same, it matters more and more to be able to say to somebody who will be meeting a friend I no longer see – please give my greetings.

It reminds me and (I hope!) the other person that the relationship still exists; that it is quiet at the moment is not intentional, or the result of some coldness or some withdrawal on either part, but simply of circumstance. It holds open the hope that encounter may once again happen and the conversation be renewed. It suggests that contact is till valued.

So, if you are one of the people who occasionally receives from a mutual friend the message that I send my greetings, please know that this is what it means.

And if you are one of those people who kindly pass on my greetings to folk – thank you very much indeed; it matters very much to me.


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