Silenced – on a regular basis?

Hey, guess what! I’ve lost my voice.

It is a long time since I lost my voice. But several people today, hearing me croak, have said “Lost your voice again” – and looked suitably surprised when I say that it has been a long time since it has happened.

Which has got me thinking about assumptions, perceptions and habits.

It’s true that I do lose my voice whenever I have a cold. And it’s true that I take colds pretty frequently.

But actually, it hasn’t happened for at least a year, and in fact nearer fifteen months.

Not as recently as people remember.

I don’t at all mind that people associate me with a lost voice – they always do so very sympathetically, and the care is lovely.

What it has started me thinking about is how fixed ideas about people get fixed – and how much I just assume I know something about a person which may be as true as I think, or may no longer be true, or may not actually be true at all, but may simply be my assumption based on eveidence that is incorrect.

While I can’t really talk, I should at least have something worthwhile to think about.


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