“For an intelligent woman….

….you can be very stupid” was a not frequent, but still regular, and always affectionate comment that Much Missed Mother used to utter when I had done something not exactly well planned or executed.

It is a phrase that has occurred to me several times over this weekend.

Beloved Other has been travelling (doing his sporty thing!) and so I have been looking after myself.

Or not.

Nothing drastic has happened, no damage has been done, nothing has even gone wrong really.

But I have had to go out in the rain to buy something for a meal – because I forgot to get anything from the freezer, despite the fact it had been arranged that I could; I got very wet earlier in the day because it did not occur to me to check the weather forecast, and it has been very wet today; I have run out of clean clerical shirts because I didn’t remember in time to do the laundry (actually, that’s just been solved – I remembered one tucked away….); the living room and the kitchen look like a whirlwind has passed through. And I keep forgetting to take my lunch with me!

Nothing bad. Nothing too difficult to sort out. Nothing that, with a few more days practice, I wouldn’t be well able to sort out.

But enough to remind me just how fortunate I am. And how glad I will be when Beloved Other gets home!


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