It’s been a week of conversations with friends – some regularly seen, some occasionally seen, some never seen but communicated with by other means – and some new, and as yet potential rather than actual friends.

It’s been lovely.

I am having much time alone this weekend, since Beloved Other is away travelling. (I do have a much anticipated meet-up with two friends who go way back over this weekend – and I am very much looking forward to it) And, time alone, to be quiet, to think, reflect, read – and cook for myself! – is always treasured. But it has been sooooo good this week to speak to people, laugh, share, be reassured and just catch up news. So, to you all, and in particular, to Mirroring Friend, to Presidential Friend, to Flamboyant Friend, to Patient Colleague, and to so many others – thank you for having the conversations that make my life so much richer than it would otherwise be.


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