Missing the games….

I am frustrated at how hard I am finding to see any of the games in the current Rugby World Cup. In other years, I have travelled long distances to see games (Eurostar being just down the road helped a great deal in 2007, for example; we managed a lot of games that time) This year, I am not even managing to see games on the telly.

Yes, I missed Scotland beating Japan, because I was in a committee meeting.

Yes, I missed Japan beating South Africa because – actually, I can’t remember why, but there was something else happening.

And yes, I am going to miss this afternoon’s games. I might, if things end early enough at church, see England v Wales,.

But why would I want to…? (Joke!)

I am interested to note just how irritating I am finding this. And to note that I had sort of assumed I would just watch the games without having to think about planning how to do it.

Hmmm. Maybe planning isn’t always a bad thing….


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