New studies….

Tomorrow I am going to the first formal class in  the new course I am doing. I have done the reading – almost, due to finish it tomorrow morning – and I have even seen the plays we are going to discuss. Most of my new class mates are at a play this evening, but since I had already seen this production earlier in the summer, I thought that an evening with Beloved Other was a better use of my limited resources.

I am feeling nervous. All my classmates seem very articulate, sure of themselves and incredibly well read in the current issues in early modern literature studies.

So, I am trying to remember that comparing my inside with other people’s outside is always a bad idea.

And while some of them will outstrip me in brainpower and recent reading, I have the edge in sheer age and experience.

And that counts for something!

So – here we go! I’m a student again!! Yay 🙂


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