Walking together…

31 years ago today, Beloved Other and I promised to cherish each other.

2015-09-15 08.58.13

From my perspective, I can tell you he has kept his promise; on good days and on bad, when it has been easy and when it has been nigh on impossible, when it has been full of delight and when it has cost him more than he will tell anybody.

I am a lucky girl!

There is an old Baptist phrase rooted in our covenants together; to walk with one another.

Beloved Other is considerably taller than me. When he walks from home to church alone, it takes him about 20 mins. When I walk, it is nearer 30. This morning, as we “walked together” I noticed at one moment that he adjusted his pace to ine. I am not even sure if he was aware of it. He has been doing it for 31 years (and the courting years before that!) That moment this morning summed up his keeping of his promise; he walks with me. That is how it has been between us; we walk together.

I am so grateful.


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