Feeling stupid, apprehensive and excited…

Travelling on the train this morning, I managed to finish a book that I have been working on for about a week; it is fascinating, hard and has made me feel very stupid! It is a “seminal work” on renaissance self- perception, and a recommended background read for the MA that I start in a couple of weeks.

I have enjoyed reading it, but have not enjoyed just how stupid I feel. This does not, I fear, bode well for the course.

I went an collected my student card last week. I am now enrolled, and am an official student of King’s College London (again – I graduated from there in 1986….!) Up until now, it has been a lovely idea, an interesting possibility, a stimulating of imagination.

Now it’s real. And now, I am just wondering, can I actually do this?

Well, I guess I will find out.

And what is more significant, if I can’t – for wahtever reason – I get to walk away.

The chance to do something just for fun, and to let it go if it is not what I need/can do/have time for after all – that is almost as important as doing it in the first place!

So, stand by for a slew of posts over the next two years as (God and a fiar wind!) I throw myself into reading a different sort of book!


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