Unintended silence!

I have not blogged recently, simply because I was on holiday, and then, since I came back, dashing around….

When I think about the blog, it is the middle of the night, and while there are many non-sleep related things I will do in the waking hours, I try to avoid turning on the screen. It does not conduce to re-finding sleep!

But today, there is a space (an expected Visitor has not arrived) and so time to write again.

And to begin to think about an encounter this morning – Insightful Friend gave me an introduction to somebody he thought I would get on well with, and we met for the first time today.  And it was a delight. (Though, for various reasons, I suspect I talked too much, and am afraid I was unhelpfully overwhelming!) We had a long and fascinating – and wide-ranging – conversation.

And one of the most light-filled moments was walking back to the buiilding from the coffee shop, and conversation faded. Just for a moment, we walked together in silence.

And it was fine.

I didn’t feel the pressure to fill it, to make New Friend what I considered to be “comfortable”.

Now, she may just have been seeking respite from my non-stop chatter.

But perhaps she too was enjoying that we could be silent and it was ok.

If so, then I know this is a friendship that will be more than one meeting.

Silence as well as speech – perhpas even more than speech – gives time to be together.

Which might be my excuse for not blogging….. 🙂


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