Connection collapse

The other day, we had a collapsible internet connection.

This is not new, but it seemed to be particularly irritating that day. Not sure why it should be bothering me so much, but there we go. I feel very sympathetic to our church manager who put a lot of energy last week into trying to sort this out. Maybe it’s just teething troubles….

Anyway, it’s been making me think. I think I should be having thoughts about what happens when we – well, I, since this about trying to make sense of my life – get disconnected from the dource of my life and energy. Or about the ease with which conections to others are lost when not tended to with enough care. Or some other deep and worthy reflection which will help me grow and become a deeper, wiser, more what-I-should-be sort of person.

Instead, I am thinking about just how irritating this is, about why it should happen just at the time when I need it not to happen (though I am not sure when would be what might be called a “good” time) and how powerless it makes me feel.

Not sure that’s contributing to the deepening of my soul.

But at least writing it down means I’m not shouting inappropriately at somebody….

So I guess that’s a good thing.


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