Beauty and recognising it

We had a group outing to the Wallace Collection today; a collection of amazing paintings and breathtaking furniture housed in a beautiful building. And it has a lovely restaurant.

It was all a bit overwhelming – rather too many paintings in too small an area to see them all properly. Or maybe I am too easily overwhelmed. But I did think by the end, that I need to go back sometime and do the second half again.

I did have a lovely conversation with one of my companions as we wondered at the skill, the colour, the depth of commitment to the task that we observed in the paintings. And we reflected that even when what we were admiring and delighting in was finished by the person who painted it, that person quite probably did not feel satisfied, and had had to make the choice to leave it and move on, despite not being content.

There’s a lesson there…… and I am going to try and remember that I cannot properly judge what I do; that is for others or even Another. I cannot tell how what I am doing is received. I may know it is not what I dreamed of, but maybe it does in fact delight somebody else.

That is a cheerful thought to enjoy along with the sheer joy of all the beauty I have been privileged to enjoy.

A good day all round!


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