battery capacity

I plug my phone in to charge overnight. When I picked it up to go out this morning, it was showing fully charged – and so it should!

I did a bit if stuff on it; quick check of twitter, note on facebook, reading the emails…. all normal stuff. Then I walked into church, listening, as I usually do, to a podcast.

And when I arrived, instead of showing a slight drain of about 20-25%, there was a flashing light, a big note and the ominous words “Your battery is dangerously low”.

I have no idea what happened, but for some reason there was only 7% of the battery left…. 😦

I plugged it in, and it seems fine now.

But it made me reflect – catastrophic battery drain.

It happens very easily, and remarkably quickly. I presume I did something wrong with the phone – ran something I don’t usually run, or an equivalent mistake.

And I just wonder where my little warning notice is – catastrophic battery drain. When do I get so low on capacity that I am in danger of crashing, and making a mess? And what are the signs. And what do I do that runs my battery down dangerously.

Actually, I think I know the signs – and those around me defintely do. So, I am grateful to the people who point it out. Even when I don’t respond as I should….

Something to pay attention to, I think……


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