Holiday books

In a few weeks I go on holiday.

And that means packing.

I hate packing. Not sure why, but it is of no delight to me at all.

I made this comment recently as I prepared for a previous trip.

Back came the reply “I love packing – I enjoy choosing the books I am going to take” And imediately, I was 7 years old again. When I was that age – and a little older, part of the ritual for preparing for the holiday was “the holiday book” – being taken to buy the book that was for my holiday. It would happen some time before the holiday, and then the book was put away, only to be brought out on holiday. I’m not sure that the greatest anticipation of any holiday trip was not the getting to read the new book!

I’ve been thinking about that ever since. It is so easy to buy books now; not only is it physically easier (yes – one-click is my downfall) but the fact is that I have enough money to buy books when I choose to.

And maybe I am missing something in it being too easy.

So, as I prepare for the holiday in a few weeks time, I am consciously thinking abotu what I want to read, and finding these books (some new, some old favourites) -and putting them away until the holiday starts.

Not sure it will make the packing any more fun. But it is already adding to the anticipation…..

Thank you for reminding me!

Oh – and if anybody has any recommendations, I am always keen to discover new authors.


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