On not being a brother….

I have just received a round-robin email to a group of people who do my kind of job. This is a group I never attend, because the timing doesn’t work for me, but they graciously keep me on the mailing list – in hope perhaps…

The email starts “Dear Brothers”

I used to have a standard letter reply (in the days when it was letters that started that way that I received – gosh, I’m getting old!) which pointed out that it was not acceptable in our generation to assume that all those doing this kind of work were male. And if it were a company, charity or otherwise soliciting something from me, I also included a paragraph that said that since it was clearly not me that they wanted, if they only wanted brothers, I would be grateful to be removed from their mailing list.

I am now older, tireder (and today, also hotter – the sun is definitely shining and it has got beyond my comfort zone of about 20)

I also have a wonderful Creative Colleague who has received the same email. And has come up with a peaceful but clear response, and is willing to let me piggyback on that.

So, today I am grateful for the women who didn’t have the support of colleagues that I have, persevered, and made my position possible – and for those who have come in the next generation, who will go on saying what needs to be said, and do it with a grace, patience and a creativity I can’t always manage.

Today, I am glad to be part of a sisterhood across generations!

Update! Creative colleague and I sent her graciously drafted email, and have received a very lovely reply. So, it’s all good. At the end of a demanding week (well on a Friday afternoon – tomorrow and Sunday are busy too!) this is makign me smile hugely!


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