Can’t do right for doing wrong…..

This time, it’s not me being nettle-stung. But several folk around me. People I respect, admire, care for, know are doing good things, and more significantly, being real and doing what they are for.

And the little little stings that mount up and combine and raise those little, little hurts that mount up and combine until it is a big hurt – they do tend to come from people who think they are doing good, they are helping, they are being useful.

Today, on behalf of some of the people I care about, I am angry.

And I am just taking a moment to look at myself. Because I do and say things that are helpful and useful, and to do good.

Don’t I?

I know the moments when I realise that in some people’s eyes I can’t do right for doing wrong – and I wonder how many people can’t do right, as far as I can see, for doing wrong.



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