Beloved Other, with his skill at numbers and degree in maths could probably put this in a more coherent and appropraite manner.

But today I find myself reflecting on the randomness of my life and particularly my occupation.

Too many details would be boring and inappropriate.

But…. conversations with people from a variety of races, backgrounds contexts and with a startlingly wide range of questions – and answers.

Tasks ranging from stringing bunting onto wool through to receiving somebody’s deepest fears as a treasure to be held.

Possibilities from writing an essay on Shakespeare’s use of theological rhetoric through to finding the resources to tackle a rather scary hole in a budget.

Being grateful that I know people who can help with a visa question through to trying to find somebody who can give advice on issues around a complex application for ministry in a denomination not my own.

Absorbing hurt and disappointment and recognising encouragement and delight.

Being afraid, and being glad.

Missing somebody bitterly, and trying to redefine relationships.

And that’s just today.

And I know that most people lives and days are just as mixed, just as apparently random, just as confusing and wonderful.

It’s a grand life if you don’t weaken.

Or, more appropriately; today, I am counting the blessings of being alive.


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