I tweeted today that a wise man of my acquaintance, on being asked if he liked writing replied he “liked having written”.

Today, I get that.

Today I have written another draft of a sermon (running out of time; this may need to be the final draft, only it doesn’t feel like it….oh dear!), a church blog, a paper on theological history, several emails and now this.

And I have done so much else in between; I have taken my glasses off and on more times than I can begin to count. I have read a wonderful chapter of a book. I have played longer than I should have on facebook (including sending a photo to somebody who may be rather startled!). I’ve bought a birthday cake for somebody for tomorrow. I have ….well, in short, I have done everything I could think of not to have sit and write.

And yet, I would say I love writing. I would say it is my way of thinking.

I have thought well in places today. I have worked out what it is that is in my heart and tried – not successfully, but have tried – to clothe it in words. I ticked several things off my (metaphorical) list.

And all the while, I have tried to avoid writing.

He was right. I don’t enjoy writing. I enjoy having written.

Pity one can’t be attained without the other 🙂

But right now, I am grateful for all those who have taught and encouraged and nagged me into sticking to what I start and actually doing it. Even if it is just so I can stop once it’s done.

For all those who have helped me be capable of this, today, I give deliberate and hearty thanks!


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